La hiedra (c) Shirin Salehi


The air weighs down on the geometric patterns of the tablecloth
its pink rim
the plastic sunflowers
the framed photographs of those no longer here
—the ones who died and the ones who left.

My eyelids weigh down
on the scent of the mint put out to dry
the lamp, the glass
the Quran beneath the pillow;
the photographs of those still alive
lined up along the sideboard.


I’m dreaming, I just don’t know it yet.


My breathing weighs down
on my childhood streets
—motionless, horizontal—
and the ivy around the front door
where every night I return.


Traducción al inglés de Henrietta Fielden. Texto original en español

* * *

libro de artista / Artist book

Poema “La hiedra” de Berna Wang, dibujos de Shirin Salehi.
Impresión digital y fotopolímero sobre papel Johannot blanco 125 gr.
Edición de 15 + 2 P/A + 2 H/C a cargo de Manuel Ayllón

Poem by Berna Wang, drawings by Shirin Salehi.
Digital print and polymergravure on 125 gr. white Johannot paper
15 print edition + 2 P/A + 2 H/C, edition by Manuel Ayllón

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